Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Freefall QAL--I'm Still Stepping

I have to admit that I pretty proud of myself for completing Step 3 of this QAL which Sandra of mmm! Quilts is hosting.  It's been awhile since I done any foundation piecing and it's good to sew something out of your comfort zone. I still had to draft the pattern for the large leaf points since my printer won't print the correct size which is the reason why I was procrastinating making these blocks.  I'm glad to say these blocks turned out well and am hoping that the large leaf points will click into place once they are sewn with the leaf blocks.

I'm using two different lights from the same fabric line for these blocks since I didn't have enough of just one print.  I'm using the smaller print for the leaf blocks and the larger print for the large leaf points and open areas; I think it's going to work.

Updated Version                                                                   Original Version
Update:  I changed two of the blocks by switching to the other light fabric; I think this creates a nicer flow.

Most of the fabrics I'm using for this quilt were purchased when we were on vacation in Arizona exactly one year ago.  It's funny I didn't realize it until this week when Facebook reminded me of this trip and as I was laying the blocks on my design board that this quilt is going to be a nice momento of the Grand Canyon--it was absolutely breathtaking.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Cotton + Steel Scraps Wanted

Cotton + Steel fabrics were first launched in the Fall of 2014 and the first bundle I purchased was Rashida Coleman Hale's Moonlit.  Soon afterwards, yardage was purchased to make the three quilts on the top row and then the mint green Tokyo Train Ride for a baby quilt.  Since then, scraps from my initial and subsequent purchases of Cotton + Steel fabrics have been used on many of my scrap quilts and have even traveled across the Pacific to Susan Snooks of Patchwork and Play whom I have given some of my leftover blocks and scraps.   Susan made such marvelous use of them with her Dreamcatcher and Stacks quilts you can see them by clicking on this link.  

It seems like the Cotton + Steel scraps are never ending and there is always have a project involving these scraps. For 2017, I'm making a quilt based on Moda Bakeshop's Sugar Pop 'n Change quilt which  I thought would make a pretty good dent with these scraps, so time was spent die-cutting hundreds of  2"x 3.5" rectangles.  Last week while I was being indecisive on what I wanted to sew, I decided to finally sew the rectangles together to make 3.5" x 15.5" panels which reminded me of lasagna noodles, leftover lasagna noodles.  While grouping these panels to make 15" finished blocks, I came to the realization that I was tired of seeing some of these fabrics and I was momentarily concerned that I was falling out of love with Cotton + Steel fabrics but I'm not.  I'm just thinking that I've made enough quilts from these scraps and this would be the last quilt I make using these old scraps.  It's time to start using some of the many new fat quarters in my stash so I can have some new scraps.  As much as I love using up my scraps, there is a time when you know when you've done enough with them.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Night Sighs

Actually I want to scream or swear but I chose to  sigh instead, big sighs.

After juggling several sewing projects this week and before I started working on the Freefall QAL blocks, I   had time to machine quilt a top which needed to be done by June.  So last night, I sewed the backing, ironed it, cut the batting, prepped and ironed the top and then pin basted so I was ready to start machine quilting this morning.  Of course, before I started, I wound some bobbins, cleaned the machine,  installed the walking foot, adjusted the foot pressure and changed the stitch length.  I enjoy machine quilting now since I resolved my problem I was having with my Juki 2010Q Even Feed Foot, you can read about it here:, long story short, using a Janome Walking Foot was the answer.  While I was doing my favorite straight line quilting, I noticed that the fabric moved more than usual so I thought maybe my luck with the Janome Walking Foot was ending.  After the first bobbin of thread was used and I placed the quilt on the table, I noticed how puckered the quilting looked and felt and how the basting was so out of whack.  Because I had to get ready for Church, I left the quilt on the table feeling very disappointed and wondering how this could have happened.  As soon as I walked into my bedroom, I knew what I did wrong, I used the Juki Even Foot instead of the Janome Walking Foot.  Usually the Juki foot is in a drawer now but I had used it to sew some binding on a quilt, which is the only way I use this foot and left it beside my sewing machine instead of putting it away. It didn't even cross my mind to check to make sure I had the Janome Walking Foot since it stays next to my sewing machine. 

Lesson learned, big lesson learned--I put a label on the Juki Even Feed Foot which is something I should have done when I bought the Janome Walking Foot.  Also, to make matters worse, I decided to use Aurilfil thread for this quilt and was marveling at how many more rows of quilting I could do with one bobbin; instead of the usual fourteen rows with another thread, I could do twenty-five rows, which is how many rows I have to remove now.

Big sighs, big, big sighs.  Instead of having a quilt machine quilted tonight, I will be ripping out quilting instead while watching TV.  The quilt will have to wait until after I finish this week's Freefall blocks.   It's a good thing I have until June to finish this quilt.  Big sighs, big, big sighs.  I think this is the Mother of all the Quilting Mistakes I ever made.

Friday, April 14, 2017

something rosemade: Blocks, Burp Cloths, Blogging and Bad News

B words were definitely the theme this week; I was busy in a good way.

Blocks were completed for the two sew alongs I'm participating in, which are:

The Freefall Spring Quilt Along hosted by mmm quilts.  The QAL is from March 20 thru June 15 and the instructions for the first eight leaves were posted on April 3rd.  Some quilters have already posted on the Freefall linky party with details on the making of their blocks which involved rotary cutting, trimming, etc.  I have a confession, I die-cut all of my patches, seeing that this block could easily be made with die-cuts and I, for one, never miss an opportunity to use one of my four die-cutters.  I have ten good reasons why I die-cut, they're my thumbs and fingers; a ninja with a rotary cutter, I am not.  But I digress, because thinking these blocks were going to be a cinch to make, I did run into problems with the paper piecing of the leaf points.  I could not get the pattern to print at the correct size and let me tell you being 1/16" short is a big difference, the leaf points did not match for the two blocks I made.  I ended up drawing the pattern on graph paper and the correct size of the leaf point made the sewing go a lot quicker.  I'm looking forward to making another set of the leaf blocks with a different background; this really is a nice project to use up some of the bright fabrics that I have been collecting.  I thinking my colors are more tropical Spring, please don't think Fall.

I also finished the last of the six large hexagons for the unofficial Smitten Quilt Along I am doing with my friend Carol.  We are still friends and still am enjoying sewing these hexagons while watching episodes of Gilmore Girls.  I only have twenty-two episodes left to watch and eleven more hexagons to make.  Lesson learned while making these hexagons is not to watch more than three episodes at a time; when I did, I wanted to drink coffee at Midnight plus my head really started spinning from all the loud bantering from Lorelai and gang which didn't make falling asleep very easy.

Burp Cloths

More burp cloths for my sweet, new granddaughter Micah Rose.   I already made some before her birth, you can read the post about the first batch here.  This time no more gender neutral, pink is the color for this batch and I used a much simpler pattern; you could make each one in fifteen minutes.  And again, I have to ask myself, why did I make so many.

Monday, April 10th was the official start of the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers and I was in the first group of the Better Bloggers Hive to post, you can read my introductory post here.  If you are a new quilt blogger, like me, this was a wonderful opportunity for me to participate in this Blog Hop.  I'm learning how to improve and increase my blogging/online experience and knowledge.  Plus it's  the best way to building community and friendship with other quilters.  It seems like everyday I am learning something new about blogging and my favorite part of all if when you don't know something, there is someone in the group who is willing to help you, all you have to do is ask.  And for someone who is retired and misses the IT Help Desk at work, this is so important.  I was leery about signing up at first because of my computer experience but I am so glad I did.  Please be sure to check out the Blog Hop by clicking on one of the Hive Host's links: Yvonne @quiltingjetgirl, Leanne @shecanquilt and Beth @cookingupquilts.  There are some wonderful  giveaways being offered during the Blog Hop.

Bad News (sort of for me) 

In a previous post, I was minus 70.75 yards in my 2017 Minus 100 yard Challenge.  Well, after ending my  fabric fast which lasted over three months and partaking in some fabric sales and attending the International Quilt Festival last week,  I added 39 yards to my stash.  Yes, I checked my figures and photos of my purchases.  Thankfully I had sewing activity this week which used up 9.5 yards and makes the new total still commendable, I think, but I am restarting the fabric fast by resisting a great sale yesterday.

Minus 100 Yards Challenge YTD Total:  - 41 yards

Thanks for stopping by.  I am now headed downstairs to the studio, where I finally did a much-needed clean up and some reorganization, only to once again create a mess because projects needs to be finish so I can use some yardage up.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Bee-ginner Blogger Me

As a participant in the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop* and a member of the first group from the Better Bloggers Hive to post an introductory post, Happy Monday and Welcome to my Blog where I love to share stories (or should I say explain) about my adventures in Quilting and Patchwork and sometimes some other type of craft.  I've been retired for four years now and it seems like I still don't have enough time to create all the things I want to do.   I'm always looking for ideas to reduce my fabric stash which I've been accumulating for many years.  My project list is long because I'm constantly inspired by what I see on other blogs, publications, Pinterest, etc. I do love Show and Tell and that's what I want my blog to be along with a good exchange of ideas and some quilter angst.

I've been quilting for twenty years but only have limited online experience. I've discovered Pinterest less than five years ago and thought that was the only thing I needed to do but I was so wrong.  I finally went on Facebook around four years ago and it started out with a bang.  Somehow while I was accessing the game Candy Crush which I wanted to try,  I inadvertently signed up for a Senior Single Group and started receiving requests from men to meet. Fortunately my then, future daughter-in-law, overheard me telling my husband that I'd received ten requests and I didn't know what to do, removed me from the site right away.  Since then, I've become leery of doing online anything because of my having the mindset that if I pressed the wrong key something that I don't want known will be sent out to cyberspace.

Last year, I've started thinking about starting a blog since I realized that I wanted more than Pinterest and the Facebook group I was in offered.  I needed to share more and needed a different platform so I could do some explaining.  After much encouragement and IT assistance from Susan Snooks of Patchwork and Play and from listening to a podcast in which a Blogger said that she had a blog because it kept her accountable, I finally started blogging last October. It's been a positive online experience and  I can happily say that my blog has given me a focus for my quilting and a depository for my creations and ideas.  It's the way I can mind my own busy-ness.

It was easy for me to come up with my blog name  Something Rosemade since it's an offshoot of my saying "Oh, it's something I made" and also sounding like handmade. I already had quilt labels made up with this name for several years, and, not to get sidetracked, I have a confession--very few of my older quilts have labels and I know it's a big no-no.  These labels make it a lot easier now to label my quilts and I've been better at sewing labels on my more recent quilts.

And speaking of quilts which is the reason for my bee-ing, I thought I share photos of these four quilts which are examples of my style.
Modify a pattern so I can use one of my die-cutters
Find a hand-piecing project which will use up a lot of stash and is something you can do while on many road trips
Wonderful fabrics with an easy pattern and simple quilting are my favorite quilts to make 
Sometimes I just like to make a simple art quilt or sew a small quilt
I like my quilts to be easy and at my age don't feel the need to be challenged with a difficult pattern. I try to finish everything I start, even if it takes several years and always allow myself to stop a project, especially if it's not time-sensitive, to start a new one.  I have to say that I love my fabric stash and have every good intention of using it up.  And also adding to this dream is having a studio with a gorgeous mountain view in Colorado.  Right now I have a wonderful studio but unfortunately is in the basement but affectionately known as Studio UP (Underground Palace)-- a view would be so nice.  But truth be told, any new studio with a view would have to be close to my new granddaughter Micah Rose, whose arrival made me realize there is no way I could move to another state.

Along with the many quilts I still want and need to make, there are still a lot of things I need to learn to improve my Blog.  It's still evolving and I still would like the graphics to look a little more polished and I know I need to spend some time learning Canva--but Patience and I don't play well together.  I'm not experienced enough to offer a blogging tip except to say that it's a great way to promote your blog by linking it with a link-up party.  There are link-ups, i.e, Crazy Mom's Finish It Up Friday, our own Hive Host, Beth's Main Crush Monday and other link-ups for each day of the week  so you can time your posts to fit into one of them. Blogging is a wonderful way to connect with other quilters, which I have, and I am glad I started my blog.  It's really has been a whole new world for me.  For someone who isn't very computer savvy, starting my blog was relatively easy and not too stressful.  Just like when I first started quilting, I had a little help from a friend which lead me to my wonderful quilting life.  The same can be said for blogging, I had a little help plus encouragement from my first blog friend, Susan Snooks to whom I would like to thank again.  And being a participant in the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop  is only going to make my online experience even better.  It's all about making sure you're in the right group.  F.Y.I.  Instagram will be my next new experience; any tips or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for visiting my blog and please visit my hive mates' blogs by clicking on their links below and leaving us a comment.  As our hive name suggests, we want to be Better Bloggers.

My Better Bloggers Bee Mates for this week are:

Amanda of Quiltologie

*The 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop is hosted by Yvonne @quiltingjetgirl, Leanne @shecanquilt and Beth @cookingupquilts. Thanks to the generosity of these threes hosts who are devoting their time, energy and experience to a group of fifty-four Quilt Bloggers, mostly newbees like me, I am learning how to improve or increase my blogging/online experience and knowledge.  It's kind of like a bootcamp but the leaders are nice and helpful and we're one big, happy group ready to share and cheer each other on.  Friendships have even been formed while the groups were warming up. And I had moments where I demonstrated my inexperience. There is absolutely no stinging allowed. Our wonderful hosts have also gather up a nice group of sponsors who are offering some real great giveaways for those who follow the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers.

Since the middle of March, the group  has been separated into three hives: Blooming Quilters (Yvonne), Let's Bee Quilt'n (Leanne) and Better Bloggers Hive (Beth)--my Hive!.  The Blog Hop has been scheduled to post on Monday for the following weeks:

Week 1:  April 10th
Week 2:  April 17th
Week 3:  May 1st
Week 4:  May 8th

You can read the other blogger's posts by clicking on the Blog Hop Hosts' links each Monday during the scheduled dates.  It's a great way to find new quilt bloggers to follow and, I'll mention it again,  be eligible for one of the many giveaways being offered for the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My inFASSETTuation with Kaffe

This time, not a post about finishing a quilt, just sharing a thought...

Last week was a very great week for me--starting with the birth of my first grandchild/granddaughter, Micah Rose, and ending with registering for a class with Kaffe Fassett.  It doesn't get any better than this for me--two dreams happening in one week.

When I started quilting twenty years ago, Kaffe was my first man crush in the quilting world.  I know at that time there was only Dwight the Quilting Cowboy and John Flynn; Mark Lipinski and Ricky Timms weren't accepted by me until later. I've made many quilts with Kaffe's fabrics, the above is just a sampling.  Not shown are the three which still needs to be quilted, several finished quilts which I don't have a photo of, i.e., the one I made for my dearly departed cockatiel, Chipper, who loved his Kaffe quilt (no, I didn't bury the quilt with him) and the one I gave my daughter-in-law when she was just my son's girlfriend who was then leaving to spend nine months in Israel (now if that doesn't say Mom approved when you receive a Kaffe quilt from me).  I do have one project planned in 2017 with Kaffe fabrics but wasn't planning on doing it until later this year.  I thought it would be good for me to take a break after completing the Kaffe Fassett Champaign Orange Yo-Yo quilt (you can read about it here) last year.  Also, it's been several years since I purchased any new fabric to add to my two bins of Kaffe fabrics or any new books.

To prepare myself for the Kaffe class in October, I purchased some yardage and his book "Quilts in Italy" since the project for the class I'm taking is the Cool Zig Zag Quilt which is one of the quilts in this book.  Let me tell you, this book is chockfull of wonderful quilts, truly inspirational and it renewed my love for Kaffe Fassett.  But, I just realized something after oohing and studying all the quilts in this book.  Besides Kaffe's influence on my love for large prints and simple patterns to showcase the fabrics, the quilting is very simple and quiet, which is my kind of quilting.   Some of the quilts are quilted with simple lines and not very pronounced and I had to look really close to see if it was even quilted.  For me the quilting plays a minor role in the quilts; the focus being on the fabrics, colors and design. I now know Kaffe is also an influence on my quilting style.  Most of my quilts were sent to the longarm quilters, but now I'm ready to tackle the ones still waiting to be quilted or to be made.

Do you know what my most important preparation for this class is going to be--pronouncing his name correctly:  Kaffe rhymes with Safe and not how I've been pronouncing it for the past twenty years--sounds like Cafe'.  I have over six months to practice.

BTW:  I normally post on a Friday so I can link up with Crazy Mom's Finish it up Friday and Busy Hands Quilts Finish or Not Friday but am wondering if there is a link-up for posts focusing on what you're thinking about in Quilting and not just about what you're making or made.  As a participant in the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop,  perhaps I can learn how to do a link-up like "What Were You Thinking Thursday" or "Wondering Wednesday".  But then again if there is already a link-up for something like this, please let me know. Sometimes it good just to share a thought.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Sophie: A Quilt for the World's Worst Dog

I think it's expected that when a fabric line comes out with a family (two-legged or four-legged) member's name, a quilt should be made, even if it's for my Sophie, the World's Worst Dog.  In 2011, Moda came out with Sophie by Chez Moi and ,of course, I had to purchase a fat quarter bundle along with some yardage with the intention of making Sophie a quilt.  
Do Not Let This Sweet Face Fool You
My oldest son refers to Sophie as the World's Worst Dog because she, with the heart-attack bark, gets pretty vocal whenever someone comes to the door, or walks down the street and worse yet when you least expect it. According to my son, if you were to do a Google search for the World's Worst Dog, Sophie's picture would appear.  I attribute this to her being part Lhapso Apso which brings out her guard dog instincts and also being part poodle brings out the Diva in her which means she can be pretty demanding at times, like don't pet me with one hand if you have two hands.  And Sophie doesn't win any points with me because she is the reason why I have to make a new Winter quilt for my bed since she chewed a chunk off on the border/binding and I don't dare lay some of my nicer quilts on any of the beds because she loves to scratch at quilts and mess up a made bed.
After having this fabric in my stash for five years, I finally made a quilt top with the fabric last year.  I had just purchased Victoria Findlay Wolfe's Rock the House die by Sizzix, which makes an 8" block and thought this would be the perfect block for the Sophie Stash.   It reminded me of a Great Granny Square Block but with fewer patches.  I used three different fabrics for each block, but the same fabric for the side triangles (the green mini houndstooth) was used on every block.  
Because the side triangles were cut on the bias, they stretched and matched up pretty well when the blocks were sewn together.  However, I wasn't happy with the way the border laid with the blocks once they were sewn together.  I should have put sashing between the blocks to stabilize them but was going for the nine-patch on point look.  Lesson learned for the next time.   I was planning on doing straight line quilting myself but because the border wasn't laying right I decided to have Jan my longarm quilter quilt it instead who did a wonderful job even with the wobbly borders.  Let's just say I would not be comfortable giving this quilt to anyone but Sophie.
Sophie's Quilt measures 52" square and is already laying on her look-out chair right next to the window in the living room.  Hopefully, when Sophie appears as the World's Worst Dog on a Google search, she'll be sitting on her quilt.

So after more than  five years, Sophie's Quilt is a finally finish along with my Barbara Brackman Stepping Stone quilt which is also now quilted and bound.  I previously wrote about this quilt in an earlier post (you can read it here)It's nice to have another two quilts, especially ones that have been on the plate for awhile, to scratch off on my 2017 Project List along with adding more yardage to the Minus 100 Yard Challenge.  And now it's time for some playing around.........

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Minus 100 Yards Challenge YTD Total:  -70.75 yards