Somethings About Me

  • I started quilting twenty years ago.
  • I'm a Modern-Traditional Quilter.
  • I buy fabric and find new patterns faster than I can sew.
  • I am Top heavy; too many quilts which need to be finished so I am on a quest to find ways to finish them--batting and basting are not my friends.
  • I like big blocks and my quilting life has been made better by die-cutters.


  1. Just read your post and was so glad to see it, you helped me with the same frustration. Learned about you from Mary at Country Threads, have fun sewing! How do I join your blog?

    1. see below, still getting the hang of this blog.

  2. Hi Carolyn, sorry for not replying sooner but just saw your comment today. I've added a subscribe by email box to my blog on the right bottom so hopefully you will receive notice when I post. Thanks for your comment!