Monday, December 19, 2016

Final Quilt Finish for 2016, I think.....

I made the quilt top earlier this year and recently realized that this would make a nice Christmas gift for a certain someone so I spent this past weekend quilting and binding it.  Since we are experiencing sub-zero weather lately, only a crazy quilter, like me, would go outside to take  a photo of this quilt since I didn't like the way the inside photo turned out.

The top was made from a Pinterest Club kit which was several years old and was purchased from Country Threads.  I added some fabrics to make this quilt which measures 40"x56", a nice size for a lap warmer. To make this quilt soft and snuggly and really warm, I put fleece in the middle, in lieu of batting, and used gray Minky for the back.  I have found from working with Minky and fleece in the past, you don't have to quilt it much since both are synthetic material.

I only quilted the top and fleece together and then added the Minky to the back by tacking all three layers at the block corners.  The Minky is secured further once the binding was sewn on.  When I quilted the top and fleece together, I used Missouri Star Quilt Co. polyester thread with a 90/14 Jersey Knit needle and it turned out beautifully.  Since I started using a Janome Walking foot on my Juki 2010Q, I have been beyond happy with my machine quilting.  As you can see on the photos below, there were no dreaded pinches or puckers where the quilting intersected which happened a lot when I used the Juki Walking Foot.

Lately, I've been basting my quilts with quilters straight pins (they're almost 2" long).  I really like the ease of using straight pins but unfortunately don't like the inevitable pricks and pokes on my fingers, arms and stomach so maneuvering the quilt is done very slow and very carefully.  I think the next best invention would be a combination straight pin and safety pin.  Using Pinmoors would be an answer but unfortunately are way too expensive--$35/100.  I did find an alternative to these which is buying a roll of 20 ft. polyfoam caulk saver for $3.00 which will give you  approximately 240 1" pieces.  I found this idea from the Closet Crafter; here is the link:  Closet Crafter .

When I first made them and used them, I found they were quite staticky and stuck to my fingers and flew around the floor.  So, I ended wrapping each one with 1" blue painters tape which helped.  I do used them but sometimes find it annoying that I first have to pin the quilt first and then go back and add these.  Plus, some of them do fall off during quilting so you still end up getting poked, but for the price I pay for these, it's worth it.  But when I feel like quilting dangerously, I just use straight pins, especially for small quilts.

 So for the remainder of this week I'm going to focus on getting ready for the holidays and when there is a lull, I'l work on my Women of the Bible Blocks which I started at the beginning of the year.  As of yesterday,  I made 33 out of the 40 blocks so there may be a good chance I can finish the remaining seven blocks by the end of the year.  But then I do have other tops laying around that I would love to machine quilt.  I do need to order a roll of batting and am waiting until next month to buy it.  I didn't tell my hubby this because I didn't want it to be my Christmas present.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and Santa brings you something special.



  1. I'm impressed with your quilting Rose! I have a Juki and the walking foot must misbehave like yours sued to..... Pretty quilt! I especially love the Minky backing!

    1. Thank you Susan. It's so good to hear from you. Using the Janome Walking Foot has made all the difference.