Friday, January 20, 2017

Finally, My First Quilt Finish for 2017!

I've been so wanting to machine quilt another one of my UFOs since last November when  I've finally became successful with straight-line quilting with my Juki and Janome Walking Foot team but had to wait until I was done with my end of year projects and the holidays.  I usually have a quilt done by the first week of January but was preoccupied with the start of the year planning and an upcoming baby shower.  Thankfully, for sanity sake, I was able to finally do some machine quilting this week and finished a quilt.

I made the top back in 2013 and when it was in UFO status, I called it my Mid Century Modern Big Block Quilt using a block that I call a pillowcase since it reminds me of one.  I use this design for fabrics which I want to show off with large patches and it helps if there is an accent fabric that could be used with the blocks.  This quilt measures 56" x 80" and each block measures when finished 8" x 14".  While I was basting this quilt, I realized that I needed a quilt for my dear friend Mary's daughter, Emily, who is getting married this June and this would be perfect.  I've already made quilts for her two other kids when they got married.  I called these quilts, doghouse quilts, meaning it's going to be used when someone has to sleep on the sofa because they're in trouble.  So now this quilt is going to be called Emily and Donny's Doghouse Quilt.  I'm especially happy with this quilt because the quilting turned out so lovely and by finishing this quilt, it crosses off two projects on my list of 46, bringing it down to 44.

I haven't bought any new fabric since I've challenged myself to reducing my stash to minus 100 yards for 2017.  One of the rules I've instituted that any fabric received as a gift or won does not count.  I specifically did this because I knew that I would be receiving this lovely layer cake of Pat Sloan's Sunday Drive fabric when it was going to be released early this year, which is a result of my winning the World Series Champion Wager that I had with my dear FB friend Dee who lives in Cleveland and is, of course, an Indians fan.  This was a lovely package to receive during the gloomy and dismal days we've been experiencing this week.

I can't wait until the Sun makes a much needed appearance.

Minus 100 Yard Challenge Balance:  -10.25 yards

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  1. I found this on Pinterest and love it! I love the modern vibe and the bright, cheerful fabrics. I am also retired and trying to use up a gargantuan amount of fabric and at the same time create the many quilts I dreamed of while working.