Friday, February 3, 2017

The Grandpa Quilt and More

The much anticipated arrival of our first grandchild in late March has really put my creative energy into high gear.  I thought I was done after finishing the baby shower favors, the Woodland baby quilt and the Valentine, a.k.a. Grandma quilt last week but divine inspiration hit me after I posted last week.  I realized, or common sense came knocking, that the Grandma quilt which I was planning on bringing to the hospital for the pending arrival was meant for a photo opportunity with a new granddaughter and since we don't know the gender, there is a 50% chance we may have a grandson so I was going to need to make a Grandpa quilt.

Fortunately, it didn't take me long to find the fabrics or the pattern for the Grandpa quilt since I already had a grouping of fabrics I put together to go with the motorcycle fabric you see in this quilt which I was going to make ten years ago but never did.  (I'm beginning to wonder if something happened ten years ago since I made the Grandma quilt top ten years and never quilted it.)  I added the music fabrics, car and fish fabric to the mix because these are a few of my hubby's favorite activities and I had the perfect backing fabric of vintage Chevys (also a hubby favorite) which I found in the stash and probably was for a quilt that I never gotten around to making.  I love big blocks especially for novelty prints.  The blocks are 20" and I used a simple framed block for the large novelty prints and the alternate pieced block is from the Quilting Jet Girl Bundle Buster Quilt pattern which I purchased from Craftsy: Bundle Buster Pattern.

The Grandpa quilt measures 40"x60" and is the same size as the Grandma Quilt. They're now both ready to take to the hospital once we receive the call.   I'm pretty sure my hubby loves the quilt because he already asked when he could start using it and confirming that this quilt will not be left with the grandbaby.

Another finish for the week and interrupted the making of the Grandpa quilt, was a new mini quilt for the front door to celebrate the first day of February or because I happened to come across the red heart fabric and had to make something with it.  The Heart Quilt measures 18" square and I found the pattern on Pinterest: Heart Block.   I used 3" finished cuts for the blocks and HST.  I started and finished it in an afternoon and delighted that I made it time for Valentines Day.  I love the combination of red and aqua and am amazed to see this color combination being used for Xmas and Fourth of July quilts.

I've already thought of more sewing projects for the new grand baby and should have them done in time for the next Shower in two weeks.  I always love being busy when it involves fabric.

Minus 100 Yard Challenge YTD Total:  -19.375 yards
Also worth noting is the fact that I did not buy any fabric during the entire month of January, breaking my previous record of acquiescing  by the third week of January!  😇  Susan Snooks (PatchworknPlay) and I have made a pact to continue this trend for February which if I succeed, I am pretty sure UPS, Federal Express and the  USPS are going to stop by for a well being check.

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  1. What sweet quilts, Rose! I'm so glad Micah arrived for that cute pink one and Bill can have his car quilt.