Friday, June 23, 2017

Quilter's Choice--It Has To Be Ardently Austen for Baby Austen

This was the week I was supposed to get back on track but somehow the distractions are still continuing (it took me two days to clean up my studio and playing with fabric was involved) so I only was able to make a top for a baby quilt for my peep Mary's new granddaughter.  I've made doghouse quilts for all of her kids and have already made one baby quilt for her first granddaughter several years ago.  Usually I like to have the quilt made before the arrival of the new baby but I was waiting because the gender wasn't going to be known until after the delivery and I was hoping to make a quilt with Cotton+Steel's Sloth fabric which I thought would be perfect for a possible grandson and Mary's daughter was okay with the fabric.
I like to make a quilt which I know will fit with the decor of the baby's room which I did previously with the first granddaughter and I was planning on making another modern low volume quilt pending fabric approval by the mother.  After the arrival of Austen Hazel several weeks ago, I was prepared to switch to another Cotton+Steel fabric until I had a epiphany which only took almost a week that I had  Ardently Austen fabrics designed by Amanda Herring in my stash.  There was no way I could even think of using another fabric line since I have an understanding that whenever a fabric line comes out with a family member's name, a quilt needs to be made for that person. I have extended this understanding for newborn babies of friends.  I mentioned to the daughter that sadly she will have no say in Austen's quilt and that this quilt will be my choice.  I think I've did the right thing even though I'm not sure if the quilt is going to fit with the decor or the mother's taste.

I only had a limited amount of 10" squares and some yardage of the floral and teapot prints.  I initially was going to make a quilt with 5" squares but when I cut the 10" squares in half, I thought rectangles would look better to showcase the prints.  This quilt measures 36" square and the plan is to machine quilt it with vertical straight lines with my Juki 2010Q.  By the way, I sewed this top using my brand new Juki HZL F600 sewing machine named Hazel (just like Austen's middle name) and surprisingly I had problems with the 1/4" quilting presser foot which I'm happy to say I have resolved.  Either it was too much lighting or I need different reading glasses, because the problem was I was not seeing that I was not butting the fabric up to the edge which caused my seam lines to be too narrow.

Hopefully,  the Baby Austen quilt will be welcomed and, if not, I'm prepared to make another quilt more to their liking, and give this quilt then to Grandma Mary....I'm pretty sure I can make her like this quilt but then who in their right mind would not want a quilt that had their name on it.

And on a happy note, I never win or should I say hardly ever win any raffle or drawings but the past two weeks, I won three patterns and they are:

Courtesy of Jen Rosin (A Dream and a Stitch):  Star Blossom by Tish N Wonderland (you can see it here).  Participants were asked what colors they would make this quilt and I responded Teal and Terra Cotta.  Now that I have this pattern, I'm thinking Basic Grey's Christmas fabrics.

Courtesy of MMMi Quilts and participating in the Free Fall QAL, I received two patterns from Meadow Mist Designs; Foothills Mystery and Looking Glass (you can see them here).  I'll have to think about what I have in my stash but I'm pretty sure I have the right fabric.

My hubby the PunMaster had to make a comment when I told him of my haul:  "I'm sensing a pattern here" which corny as it sounds, I wouldn't mind if my luck continues.

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  1. Well, I'd say that was a match made in heaven! Austen will love it now and forever. And congratulations on you wins. And I think your husbands comment was very familiar as I have one of those punny men too!

  2. Hi Rose,
    HAHAHA - for your hubby's pun! Very good . . . and I hope it continues. I am 100% sure that Austen and his mom will love the quilt. Like you said, how on earth can they not like it?? It's meant to be. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I'm chuckling at your hub's pun. Funny guy. Little does he know, right?? I'm at least happy to hear that you had some fabric playtime while cleaning your studio! Just cleaning would be dull indeed. ;-) I'm sure the baby quilt will be just perfect!

  4. Such a sweet little quilt, perfect for baby austen! And congrats on your wins!

  5. "I'm sensing a 'pattern' here". That is absolutely so, funny. Glad you figured out your 1/4" seams. That's the first thing any quilter should do with a new my opinion. I am sure Austen will be perfect for Austen. --Andrea

  6. Who wouldn't love a quilt with their name on it? No one in their right mind! But then which of us is in her right mind, know what I mean?
    The quilt is just adorable. As soon as Mom decides she loves it, Grandma will want one just like it.

  7. Congratulations on your wins! They look like great patterns! No excuse now for using up even more fabric! Your latest finish will surely be loved!

  8. Love this quilt, Rose. I do hope the pattern continues with your wins. Not much sewing for me, but I did get a blog entry written and did do a little room cleanup so there is hope!

  9. I am sure your quilt will be loved no matter what fabrics are in it. You have good taste. :) I like surprising the parents with baby quilts. They don't always have to match the baby's room. They can be a play quilt, a travel quilt, whatever.