Friday, August 14, 2020

July/August Blog Break

It’s been six weeks since my last post and I decided to give the new Blogger interface another go, despite reading other bloggers’ comments about problems they’re experiencing and also seeing how elongated photos are appearing on their blog. For the past few days I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to leave  Blogger and join Wordpress which comes at a cost I’m not sure would be worth it. This afternoon I had some luck with editing my 2020 Quilts and Project page and was comfortable with using the editing tools once I knew how to access them. So, here I go with posting what I’ve been sewing/finishing in between the three visits to the Grandparents’ House, mostly photos with brief descriptions.  And if my photos are experiencing the same problems with elongation, I might be posting photos of myself since my Twiggy Days have been long gone.

I’m participating in Country Threads 2020 Dirty Dozen QAL which started in July and I committed to finishing twelve UFOs. Coincidentally, the number pulled was for a Country Thread’s Pinterest Kit for a table runner purchased before the shop closed over five years ago. The runner is now a Finally Finish and sitting prettily on the dining room table at the GP house.

Sandra, mmm Quilts asked me if I would test her latest pattern “Shine” which I was happy to oblige since it was an opportunity for me to use my recently acquired Carrie Bloomston Wish fabrics. The flimsy was finished several weeks ago and the pattern is available from Sandra’s Etsy shop “SandraJaneQuilts”. Once my Shine quilt is a Finally Finished, I’ll write more about this quilt and my adventures of being a “pattern tester”.

Emily, The Darling Dogwood, and I decided our third QAL together would be Fat Quarter Shop’s Jelly Snowflake and both of us decided independently of each other that our quilt would be a little different. My modified version doesn’t look like a snowflake but there are snowmen in some of the prints so I named this quilt Frosty Flake, so apropos since it is my favorite cereal.

Two baby quilt tops were made for Jack’s Basket.

Granny Squares blocks were sewn for an QAL between Sistas and waiting for sashing and border.

My August block for the 2020 Color Challenge is sewn and the color this month was Pink for Flamingos.

Last of all are two feedsack fabric projects which I was able to work on while at the GP House. Surprisingly, the darling granddaughter showed no interest in my sewing machine, supplies, fabric-it’s a good thing we have a lot of good toys and videos to distract her, along with snacks.

I gave myself a little pep talk these during my blog hiatus to spend more time in my studio and try to commit to a number of hours each day to my “craft”. I should mention that I haven’t done a very good job in recording my activities in my planner and not tracking my fabric log but pretty sure it’s negative, maybe barely. Also it was a little tedious typing my post on my iPad, just don’t like my index finger doing all the talking and also the uncertainty with the new Blogger interface. I’m glad to be able to post before we leave for another visit to the GP house. Here’s to better Blogger Days and to figuring out how to insert links and labels.

P.S. before I published this post, I learned that I inadvertently typed this as a Page and not a Post and thankfully nothing was lost. My index finger could not handle the retyping.


  1. It am glad you are back. It all looks pretty good to see! I love the table runner!

  2. Pretty projects--all. The table runner looks super!
    I have been having troubles getting myself to even sew lately--just no energy--seems like hard work--silly, I know, for, after all, I love (or used to) quilting...the whole state of our Country and the Covid issues lay heavy on my mind...just too much...

    Hang in there..."This too, shall pass.."
    Hugs, julierose

  3. It looks like you have been very busy. I enjoyed the pics and the post.

  4. Good to see you back. Your pictures look great, not elongated. I think my favorite finish of yours is the table runner. Perfect. Of course if the granny squares were finished they would be the winner.

  5. Rose, your post looks great, although I'd love to see a Twiggy photo of you - haha! You have been a busy bee over there, which is only right, since you are the Queen Bee Sista :-) Love the runner and all the other quilts too!

  6. Lots of progress! I especially like your granny squares! You already know I think Frosted Flakes looks amazing! I really like how the chain follows all the way through yours. I got my top finished AND did the quilting yesterday, now just to bind! I stole your idea of the stripes instead of block 4.

  7. You did a whole lot of sewing with a lot of moving around. I do love Frosty Flakes and I think your version is awesome. I love your Granny SQuares....Wendy and I are pulling up the back end of this QAL!

  8. You're still a Twiggy! I haven't seen the elongated photos. I am getting double spacing though, and my preferred font looks totally different. What font are you using? I like your Shine. That's going to look great all quilted up. Even though you are doing a more occasional blog check-in, you're doing so many projects!!! I heart them all!!!

  9. Hi Rose!!! I have been contemplating moving over to Blogger as my three-year trial to see if Sue likes blogging. Since she hasn't written a single post - and I adore it - I'm still on the fence. The cost!! HAHA - I love Frosty Flake cereal too but your quilt top even more. And that table runner!! It looks perfect on the table whether it is at GPH or other. Isn't it time to get rid of the other house yet?? Just wondering. You haven't really sold me on Blogger but your pictures are NOT long and skinny, and you did get this to post not as a page so good job! ~smile~ Roseanne


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