Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Four Good Things Which Happened in Cleveland in 2016 So Far

  1. The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals beating the heavily favored Golden State Warriors
  2. Cleveland hosted the Republican Convention and did a great job.
  3. The Cleveland Indians won the AL/MLB title and will be playing in the World Series.  Next to the Chicago Cubs, they have the second longest drought.
  4. Bill and I visited Cleveland for the very first time so I can finally meet in person my FB quilt sister Dee Akins who lives in Painesville.  We were really impressed with Cleveland and find it so much friendlier to travel to the downtown area versus downtown Chicago.  When we were at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame one of the staff asked if we were in town for the baseball game between the Chicago White Sox and Indians and I being a lifelong Cubs fan responded with a not so pleasant face.  The Indians could have clinched a playoff berth that night if they beat the Sox and this didn't upset me at all.

Well, it didn't dawn on me until the MLB playoffs and after visiting Cleveland that there was a possibility that the Cubs and Indians would be playing in the World Series. I mentioned it to Bill who just responded that I could visit Dee again which wasn't the point.  I just thought our friendship took an interesting timely turn because we needed to make a wager, which as quilters, would involve fabric although I would have liked to win Dee's quilt which we are holding.  The original thought was to put up fabric from our stash but both Dee and I have the same fabric tastes and our stash look pretty much the same.  Since we became friends from being part of Pat Sloan's Facebook group, we decided to wager a layer cake of Pat's new fabric Sunday Drive which will be available in February, 2017, time enough for one to recover from their loss and the other one to come up with ideas for the new stash.  I am hoping to be the one who comes up with the new ideas.  

To commemorate our the friendly wager, I made this 20" block last night using Pat Sloan's Hometown Girl fabrics, very appropriate since we follow Pat and it is all about our hometowns.  Both of our teams' colors are red and blue, the blue in this block is more like Cleveland's while the red is more like the Cubs.  I plan on embroidering UBS next to the C once I decide what I will make with this block.

Life is ironic isn't it, full of surprises and twists, from never having a friend who lives in Cleveland, to the Chicago Cubs finally in the World Series against Cleveland and knowing that friendship is more important than who wins (my legs are crossed as I type this).  And even if Dee wins the fabric, I know where she lives.

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