Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Grandma Quilt It Was--Introducing Micah Rose

Isn't she lovely, just thirteen hours old

I previously wrote in a post that I finished a quilt which was started over ten years ago and I called it the Grandma Quilt (you can read about it here) in anticipation of holding a future granddaughter wrapped in it.  I planned on bringing this quilt to the hospital on the day of the delivery.  But then I realized, even though we did not know the gender of our soon-to-be born, first grandchild, I better have a Grandpa Quilt to bring along to the hospital since I didn't think a grandson would appreciate being photographed in a very pink quilt (you can read about it here).

The quilts were brought out in the waiting room and predictions were made. The prevailing thought was that it would be a boy since the first born in each of our families were boys.  During the fifteen hour wait, I had one exchange with the Uncle-To-Be who was so confident that he was going to have a nephew, agreed to my bet that if it was a girl, he would wear a dress at Easter, he the one with the linebacker body.

We had to wait over an hour after the delivery until the gender was revealed because the parents wanted skin-on-skin time with the baby first.  The Doctors, Nurses and staff were told not to say anything to us and I must say their lips were sealed tight.  I even held up both of the quilts asking them which quilt would look best with the baby and I was getting nervous because I thought they stared at the Grandpa Quilt too long.

I guess you can tell by this photo that I, the new Grandma, got her wish and also won the bet.  (BTW, doesn't my sweet hubby of 43 years look like Sean Connery).  

Look at sweet Micah Rose--posing like a future quilt judge and giving her disapproval at the uneven quilting stitches.  I mentioned to my son and his wife that I was taking this quilt back with me since it was my Grandma Quilt but I ended leaving it with them since my sweet granddaughter already likes snuggling in it.  I'll get it back once I make Micah Rose her own since I have so much of this fabric.  And if you see a 6'4" man weighing 300 lbs walking down the street in a dress this coming Easter, he would be Uncle Courtney.


  1. Oh Rose, waht a precious story! Congrats on the little 'pink' bundle of joy named afer you! I'm hoping you can get some pics of Uncle Courtney!

    1. Thanks Paige. I'm loving being a Grandmother!

  2. Congratulations again Rose! You must be in seventh heaven having such a beautiful grand daughter to love! She is precious!

  3. Thanks Susan, I can finally understand what the other new Grandparents were saying that it's the most wonderful feeling, this incredible love you feel for this little bundle of pure joy. I'm so glad to finally be a Grandmother.

  4. She is so cute - bet she still is about almost nine months. And so alert for a 13 hour old. LOL - it would have been fun to see a photo of Uncle Courtney. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.