Friday, August 11, 2017

Backings, Blocks and A Baby Blanket

Another "B" week for me, lots of sewing but no finished quilts or tops yet.
  • I sewed backings for five quilts which I've sent to my Long-Arm Quilter, Jan.  It's that time of year that  have to decide which quilts I want to do myself and these are the ones that need more than straight line quilting.  Four of these quilts were made before I started blogging so once they're done I'll have something new to post.
  • My seventy-two rail blocks have been sewn and trimmed and ready to sew with the Cotton+Steel gray fabric which I've been saving for the right project.  This quilt will be the second quilt I've made from Crazy Mom's "No Scrap Left Behind" book and it made quite a big dent with my modern scraps.
  • Sixteen framed square blocks measuring 18" and made with blue and green Cotton + Steel and Thimbleberries fabrics (talk about modern traditional) and ready to be quartered to make another Stacked Square quilt.  I got the idea to combine the two fabric lines when I received the New Attitudes book by Lynette Jensen who made quilts using her patterns, one with Thimbleberries fabrics and the other one with Cotton + Steel fabrics.  I thought combining the two fabric lines in one quilt would be fun, after all I have just as much Thimbleberries fabrics as I do Cotton + Steel, which is now the fabric I have to buy everytime a new line comes out.
  • My Granddaughter, Micah Rose, has a pink "storebought" fluffy fleece blanket which she is very fond of and I being the thoughtful Grandmother decided to make her a pink fleece blanket with some cute yardage that's been sitting in my stash--it's good for Micah to have a back-up "Grandma-made" blanket when her pink blankie needs to be washed or heaven forbids it somehow gets "lost" when I happened to be visiting.
My Minus 100 Yard Challenge is improving with all the backings I made this week plus it really helps that it's been over a week since I purchased any new fabric. It's going to be a busy next four months seeing that I still have over fifty yards to use, that is, if I don't buy any new fabrics.  Losing weight and using fabric is a never-ending battle for me.

Previous YTD Total:   -38.125 yards
Current YTD Total:    -49.75 yards
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  1. my calculations, that's 12 yards per month! I don't like your chances on achieving your goal Rose! Yes, I am a bit of a realist! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your new/old finishes!

  2. What a productive week! I can't wait to see all these quilts as they progress. I love that you are down over 10 yards - I am staring at things just waiting to finish - so I envy you. On the good news front my desk comes today so my sewing table can resume its proper function!!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Great job on the projects. I'll bet Micah Rose latches on to the Grandma-made blankie as soon as she sees it!

    1. That may be 12 yards a month, but it's really less than 3 a week. If you look at it that way, it's very do-able. You can do this!

  4. For a "B" week, I'd say you have been pretty busy. I think my New Year's goal will be to keep track of how much fabric I use in the coming year. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. It turned out so pretty, what an accomplishment using your scraps-satisfaction at it's best!