Wednesday, May 4, 2022

A Pair of Patchwork Throws

Whenever I back a quilt top with just a plush fabric like Minky, I call them a Patchwork Throw since there is no batting in the middle. I’ve made at least twenty Patchwork Throws during the last six years and like to make them for a number of reasons; they finish quick with simple quilting, feel and wash nicely, no need to iron the plush fabric and a nice way to finish a flimsy which may have been sitting around for too long. The pair above are for me, the one on the right is for my bedroom at home and the one on the left is for me to use when sleeping in the darling Granddaughter’s bedroom. Here are some deets on these pair of Patchwork Throws.
The Amy Butler Patchwork Throw is my April finish for the Country Threads Dirty Dozen UFO Challenge. This is the second patchwork throw finished for the Challenge, the first one Innocent Crush was posted last August and I mentioned that I would be finishing the Amy Butler throw some day. Both of these throws were made with 8” HST from over five years ago when I went in a die-cutting spree after I purchased the die. This throw measures 48” x 64”, a nice lap size for keeping the legs warm when sitting and is backed with one of my favorite plush fabrics in lime green. I machine quilted with straight and diagonal lines and was pleased with how it looks and feels. BTW, this is the second patchwork throw made with the Amy Butler fabric since I made almost 100 HSTs back then. The first throw was a quick gift I made for my Godmother who was recovering from a knee injury in 2016 and also the first time I ever made a patchwork throw. I can’t say enough how nice these are.
After I finished the Amy Butler Patchwork Throw, I thought I would work on my Carrie Bloomston quilt which is a modified Unruly Pattern by Kelly Young, My Quilt Infatuation (not an affiliate link). I started  sewing the strip sets almost a year ago and finally pieced the blocks. After the flimsy was finished, I decided to make it a patchwork throw since I needed one and I like them for sleeping. I bring one whenever we travel and stay at a hotel. I have to mention that the second patchwork throw I ever made was with Carrie Bloomston fabrics but a little smaller.
The backing is a gray chenille plush which is another favorite. I machine quilted with straight vertical lines spaced 2” apart. Again, this throw quilted beautifully. The gray binding was the only print which is not a Carrie Bloomston fabric and is a print from Ann Kelle’s Remix fabrics. This throw measures 54” x 90”. 
The Master Quilt Holder was able to help me this time as his knee is feeling a lot better.  He was able to climb the step ladder to hang one throw and stoop a little for the other throw—glad to have him back. I wish the weather would have been nicer for the photos outside but we’ve been experiencing cloudy and rainy weather for the past week. Supposedly, we may have some 80 degree days next week but I’m pretty sure I won’t have a quilt ready to photograph outside. Would you believe the next project I’m working on involves more Carrie Bloomston fabrics. I forgot to mention earlier that I really love her fabrics.

I’m looking forward to a nice and relaxing Mother’s Day weekend and hope you are too.

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  1. Rose I LOVE these! I actually like your version of the Unruly pattern better than the original. Oh those Carrie Bloomston fabrics - love! I've not made a quilt with any kind of minky-type fabric yet, and these make me want to, so is the chenille a Minky fabric?

  2. Rose, these quilts are so much fun! I love both of them, for different reasons...the Amy Butler and citronickle backing is so sweet. The Carrie Bloodstone is much more graphic, and you know I love those fabrics, too. The no batting, minky backing sounds like a good plan for me to try one day. Glad Master Quiltholder is better!

  3. Rose, what a great idea! I love how your patchwork throws turned out. I have a quilt top or two that could be quickly finished off this way. Do you baste the layers somehow before quilting - spray baste or pin?

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Rose!! I just LOVE the lime backing on your quilt for bedroom at home. They are all wonderful but that one really calls to me. AND, I'm thrilled that the MQH is back in business. Win/win all around. Great job on the quilts! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Rose I love these. I've been wanting to do a minky backing, but am too chicken. Nice work getting those WIPs moving.

  6. You whip up the best quilts, my friend! I'm glad the MQH is back at work with less knee pain, too! I know that quilt pattern you are working on - I just started one too - great minds, I tell ya!

  7. Two delightful quilts! Love the Amy Butler one, so many early prints in there!

  8. Such adorable quilts!!! You're making me think that I need to make some with minkee backing! Good to hear the MQH is back in business!!!


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